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Montréal Sketchfest Respect Statement



We love this festival. We love that it brings together so many passionate people that live and breathe comedy – artists that are willing to travel distances for a solid hang and to let the good times roll.

This is why we want want to take steps to ensure everyone feels welcome and is able to enjoy themselves.

Many of us have been aware of problematic behaviours that are happening in the comedy industry and in our communities for a long time now. Thank goodness we are finally at a point in time where harassment is being identified and addressed.

The following will not be tolerated in our spaces, under any circumstances:









-Anything else that attacks an individual and intentionally causes them discomfort or unhappiness

We will not accept anything less than total respect for our artists, audience members, volunteers and staff. Whether this be before a show, during a show, in a greenroom, at a party, or in a situation in any way related to Montréal Sketchfest.

We also wish to recognize that our community is constantly changing and evolving. Our aim is to offer an inclusive space for people that is free from harassment and disrespect.

Montréal Sketchfest pledges to respect and take care of its artists, volunteers, and audience members. We ask that everyone involved do the same!

Here’s to a great 2018 fest 


Team MTL Sketchfest



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