• April 1st, 2017 ‌•

It’s finally here! Our 2017 lineup features over 70 troupes from Montreal, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax, Chicago & Washington D.C.!

A Shoddy Magician (Toronto) • Anesti Danelis (Toronto) • Ape Island (Toronto) • Backstreet’s Back (Montreal) • Bad Medicine (Washington, DC) • Barbara Bush (Philadelphia) • Beans on Toast (Montreal) • Big Britches (New York) • Big Mall (Montreal) • Blood & Thunder (Montreal) • Box of Bees (Montreal) • Boys Club! (Toronto) • Bridge & Tunnel (New York) • Brunch (Vancouver) • Carson Daly’s Last Request (New York) • Chris Middleton (Toronto) • Clip Show (New York) • Cousins (Montreal) • Dame Judy Dench (Toronto) • Deb Ring (Ottawa) • Definition Of Knowledge (Toronto) • Dink Floyd (Montreal) • Dinkus (Toronto) • Doggybag (Montréal) • Elephant Empire (Toronto) • Employees of the Year (Montreal) • Erreur 404 (Montréal) • Évelyne Laniel (Montréal) • Figgy Pudding (Halifax) • Flo & Joan (Toronto) • Fusion (Toronto) • GET SOME (Toronto) • Goddamn Bear (Montreal) • Great Toe (Montreal) • GROSS! (Montreal) • HOT RAW FIRE (Montreal) • Jon and Ian Have Something to Tell You (Philadelphia) • Jon Blair (Toronto) • Just Asking (Montreal) • Kill It Scott! (New York) • Kirsten Rasmussen : Full Time Idiot (Toronto) • L’il RasGALS (Toronto) • Ladies & Gentlemen (Montreal) • Les Épatantes Aventures Radio-Romanesques (Montréal) • Les Femmelettes (Montréal) • Les SketchTapes (Montréal) • Ma Tante Jeannine (Montréal) • Marine et Marie (Montréal) • Martin Nolan (New York) • Marty Topps (Toronto) • Michael Becker LIVE (Montreal) • Moniquea Marion (Toronto) • Mothreal (Montreal) • O Dat Dum (Toronto) • O.C. (Toronto) • Okie-Dokie (Montreal) • Palcoholics (Toronto) • Pickle Party (Montreal) • Proud of You (Vancouver) • Rapp Battlez (Toronto) • Sketch Machina (Montréal) • Sketchy As Fuck (Toronto) • Smart Alec Baldwins (Montreal) • Soul Decision (Toronto) • Stockton (New York) • Tall Sigh (Toronto) • Tallboyz II Men (Toronto) • The Executives (New York) • The Firing Squad (Montreal) • The Flat Earth (Philadelphia) • The Flirty Boys (Toronto) • The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (Philadelphia) • The Junkyard Dukes (Toronto) • The Storefront (Chicago) • The Templeton Philharmonic (Toronto) • Tom & Erica (Toronto) • Too Blondes (New York) Tracy + Alison [Friends] (Montreal) • TwoSon (Toronto) • Ugly x Crying (New York) • Vest of Friends (Toronto) • White Running Back (Montreal)


Live Line-up Announcement March 30th @ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine

•March 9th, 2017 ‌•

May is quickly approaching and we all know what that means: We’re about to have our minds collectively blown in the giant comedy storm that is the annual Montréal Sketchfest!

Join your hosts Artistic Director Alain Mercieca and Festival Director Erin Hall to learn all about the sketch comedy festival line-up of your dreams. Featuring FREE SNACKS and a FREE tasting from our super beer sponsor Beau’s All Natural Brewing (While supplies last! Come early!) Everything gets started promptly 6PM so don’t snooze on this!

6PM – 7PM Tasting hour with Beau’s All Natural, socializing with your buds + new friends and FREE SNACKS
7PM – Line-up announcement and show!

Featuring performances by a couple of our 2016 festival TOP PICKS!

Ladies & Gentlemen
Chris Sandiford & Daniel Carin. Stand Up, Sketch, Writing, Acting. Vancouver Sketchfest. Toronto Sketchfest, Seattle Sketchfest, San Francisco Sketchfest. 2014 Best Local Troupe Montreal Sketchfest. 2016 Just for Laughs Award Montreal Sketchfest. Mothers, Fathers, Politicians, Poets, Best Friends, And So On.

Doggybag c’est un groupe de finissant de l’UQAM en interpretation cohorte 2015. Trois joyeux lurons de la releve qui en sont a leur premier balbutiement du sketch. Mathieu Beauséjour, Léalie Ferland Tanguay & Marie-Noël Cyr.

GROSS! features Lar Vi, Britt Dash, Ariel De Roo & Inga Knoth.
GROSS! loves strong emotional commitment, wild physicality & extreme characters. They regularly perform improv & have been part of festivals in Toronto, Ottawa and Philadelphia. Now,
GROSS! made their sketch comedy debut at Montreal Sketchfest 2016.
GROSS! Only talk about themselves in the 3rd person!

Be the first to get a copy of our 2017 program. This event is totally FREE!
6PM to 8:30PM
Theatre Sainte-Catherine Café Bar
264 rue Sainte-Catherine Est


Early Bird Passes Until February 28th!

‌•February 17th, 2017 ‌•

Don’t snooze on this! Until the end of February 2017 we have a limited number of MEGA DISCOUNTED DEAL OF THE CENTURY Early-Bird passes available for Montréal Sketchfest 2017!!

You can have your very own for the low low price of $50 bucks! With over 10 days of laugh filled sketch comedy parties, this is the deal of a lifetime. Don’t mess it up!



See you at the fest!


Beau’s + Montréal Sketchfest = ❤️

‌•Feb 10, 2017‌•

The world’s greatest event and the world’s greatest beer are hooking up this May to create a laughter-packed beer-filled jamboree! We are elated to announce that our official beverage sponsor this year is none other than Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.!  Your visit to laugh island will be filled with refreshing and organic brews!  We love everything about this company and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of sipping on an ice cold Beau’s brew we would suggest you get yourself down to a Montreal Sketchfest venue from May 4 – 13 2017 and ride the barley and hops wave with us.