Apply Now!

SKIT SKIT YEAH! Applications for the 13th annual Montreal International Sketch Comedy Festival are open now until March 15th at midnight. Our 2018 fest takes place May 3rd to 12th at ThÊâtre Sainte-Catherine and other venues around Montreal. We’ll be breaking out the sacred comedy conch to jam pack it with even more LOLs for 10 days of RAD TO THE BONE sketch!

Montreal Sketchfest welcomes troupes from absolutely everywhere and anyone is invited to apply. 2018 will be stacked as usual with a bunch of special events, killer line-ups, dumb prizes and our world famous Free Willy Dance Party! Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of it – the deadline to apply is midnight on March 15, 2018!

*Please note that there is a administrative application fee, which is $20 until January 31st and will be $25 as of February 1st

Sketch Comedy is the world’s greatest art form! Follow the link to apply now!


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