Montreal Sketchfest is FINALLY back for our 15th anniversary, with our fine balance of independent comedy, laugh-out-loud brilliant shit, and a love for all things magical and alternative! We’re dusting off the sacred sketch comedy conch and unleashing the laughter of the entirety of human history. 

What have we all longed for the most in recent times? Sharing a drink and a giggle like we used to with best friends and strangers alike! We’re bringing the vibes back to Montreal, so come see our rising stars and comedy beasts!!

Montreal Sketchfest would like to acknowledge that our work in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal takes place on the unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk Nation. Kanien’kehá:ka is known as a gathering place for many First Nations, and we recognize the Kanien’kehá:ka as custodians of the sacred lands and waters on which we gather.



MTL Sketchfest Opening Night w/ Third Husbands, Cheap Wine, Dreamboat, Bring Your Own Juice, & Milwaukee!

Montreal Sketchfest kicks off its FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY in style with our traditional blowing of the sacred comedy conch ceremony. Hosted by local street poets Third Husbands, the night will be packed with joy and beauty and lots of laughter.

Cheap Wine | Toronto

Cheap Wine is Jack Creaghan, Char Creaghan and Jess McQueen. They are family. Seriously. Two have the same parents, two have a prenup. Try to figure out who’s what to who, what’s based on real events, and if spending so much time together is healthy.

Dreamboat | Montreal

DreamBoat is a solo project exploring the artistic awakening of an Asian Canadian immigrant woman in her mid 30’s as a means to process past traumas.

Bring Your Own Juice | Montreal

Bring Your Own Juice is McGill University’s premier sketch comedy group. We’re a composite of comedians from such lush exotic lands such as Vancouver and Boston. We may be some fresh young faces but we’ve made tens of people laugh over the years.

Milwaukee! | NYC

New York’s riotous, whip-smart Milwaukee! Sketch Comedy is one of the longest running house teams at the Magnet Theater. Credits include fests in Portland, Chicago, Jersey City, Philly, New York, and San Francisco (upcoming).

Grab your tickets here/


MTL Sketchfest Soirée Franco avec Jeanne et Jeannine, Coaching Gratos avec Geneviève de L’Étoile, & WW-Lutte

Montréal Sketchfest vous invite à pleurer… de rire! On vous a préparés une belle soirée avec notre belle gang de troupes francos montréalais.

Jeanne et Jeannine | Montréal

Jeanne et Jeannine s’obstinent! Amies pendant 42 ans, Jeanne et Jeannine ne se sont pas vues depuis dix ans. Elles se retrouvent aux funérailles de Claire, la cousine de Jeannine et la grande amie de Jeanne. Des retrouvailles marquantes, tout en humour, qui feront ressortir ce qui les unissaient mais aussi ce qui les différencient. Un saut dans le Montréal des années 70! Au menu : politique, religion, modes et traditions.

Coaching Gratos avec Geneviève de L’Étoile | Montréal

Coaching gratos est un service gratos de coach pour les Queens de ce monde qui ont besoin de se sentir Coach parle très bien le franglaise. Autant son français que son anglais est à désirer. Elle vous fera du bien. Peut-être.

WW-Lutte | Montréal

De plus en plus de théâtreux déchus se tournent vers l’école de l’humour. Ça donne de puissantes bêtes de sketchs. L’ancienne membre de Doggybag, Marie-Noël Cyr, armée de son leadership exceptionnel, rassemble les plus foufous de l’école pour un show de sketch aussi divertissant qu’un match de lutte dans un sous-sol d’église.

Réservez vos places ici!


MTL Sketchfest w/ Kirsten Rasmussen, Collected Novellas, and Uber & Klonk

Montreal Sketchfest is thrilled to host our longtime hero Kirsten Rasmussen once again, and with her the Uber & Klonk dream team and newcomers Collected Novellas! Sure to be an absolutely fabulous show!

Kirsten Rasmussen | Montreal/Toronto

Kirsten Rasmussen is an award winning comedian and actor. Her acting can be seen in Schitt’s Creek (CBC), The Beaverton(Comedy), TallBoyz (CBC), Odd Squad (PBSkids), Dino Dana (PBSkids), Bit Playas (CBC Gem), Band Ladies (Highball TV), and she is the star of the digital series Slo Pitch (IFC). Kirsten won the Canadian Comedy Award (CCA) for Best Improviser in 2015 and was also nominated for the same award in 2014. She won the 2019 CCA for Best Ensemble with Second City Toronto’s hit show She The People, and the 2019 CCA for Best Production for Extravaganza Eleganza, an all queer sketch comedy revue which Kirsten directed. Kirsten is an alumna of Second City Toronto mainstage company where she wrote and starred in three reviews. Her writing credits include The Snoopy Show (Apple Plus) and This Hour Has 22 Minutes (CBC), Because News (CBC), The Irrelevant Show (CBC), Healing From Heartbreak (YOUTUBE). Kirsten has taught improv and sketch for over 15 yrs all over Canada.

Collected Novellas | Montreal/Toronto

Collected Novellas is a badass sketch team dedicated to subversion, quirkiness and social commentary. Uniquely birthed by the pandemic via zoom, this Montreal/Toronto team honed their skills as the Longform House Team fort Montreal Improv. From on-screen to on-stage, nothing is off limits!

Uber & Klonk | Toronto

Uber & Klonk is a Toronto-based comedy duo consisting of Carley Thorne and Meredith Mullen. They have amassed a social media following of over 200k across YouTube and TikTok (@uberandklonk.) In 2020, they won Central Florida SketchFest’s Best of the Fest Award and were nominated for Broadway World’s Best Independent Comedy Show.

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest w/ Side Salad, Erica Gellert, & Incredible Presentation

Local darlings Side Salad, everyone’s best friend Erica Gellert, and the loves of your life Incredible Presentation (AKA Jacob Greco & Isaac Winter of Marty Topps fame) will have you in stitches! The good kind!!

Side Salad | Montreal

Side Salad is a troupe born from improv at Theatre Sainte-Catherine with backgrounds in acting, play writing, sketches, musicals, and more. They hope to get some laughs and have some fun!

Erica Gellert | Toronto

Erica Gellert is a Toronto based comedian, actress and writer originally from Schreiber, Ontario. An Erica Gellert show is a high-energy-goofy-spectacular. Think if Will Ferrell and Tim Robinson had a love child with a *gorgeous supermodel*. That’s Erica. Erica is a member of the Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch collective, the Sketchersons, an all female sketch comedy trio Low Rise Queens, and an award winning sketch comedy and improv duo, Tom & Erica (Fundy Fringe “Best Ensemble” 2017, Toronto Sketchfest “Sketchiest Sketch Troupe” 2018). Erica also performs regular solo sketch comedy, and has participated in JFL42’s character showcase in 2017.

Incredible Presentation | Toronto

Incredible Presentation is an incredible presentation presented by master presenters Isaac Winter and Jacob Greco. Together they present a presentation with masterful precision and passion.

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest w/ HOT RAW FIRE, Gillian Bartolucci, Never Sad, & Fantasy Grandma

If you’re looking for absolute ridiculousness and humour that warps the boundaries of common sense and general goodness then this is the show for you! Strap on your bibs and dig into this skit buffet!!

HOT RAW FIRE | Montreal/Toronto

Behold as HOT RAW FIRE erroneously assumes they still possess the magic and wit once displayed on stage! Marvel as they boldly overestimate the extent of their relevancy! HOT RAW FIRE is back to delight after two years, a few moves, three vaccines, one child, one divorce (unrelated), and a lot of dental work.

Gillian Bartolucci | Toronto

Gillian Bartolucci is a Toronto-based comedian, actor, and writer. She has written for CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes, performed at the Just For Laughs festival and showcased for JFL42 New Faces: Characters. She has dabbled in quite a few sketch fests including Montreal’s Best of the Fest!

Never Sad | NYC

They’re Nehemiah & Jed – writers, comedians, & biological brothers based in New York City who together are Never Sad. Currently, they’re staff writers for a sketch comedy series produced by Snapchat, and their (real) board game about racism is on sale now!

Fantasy Grandma | Brooklyn

Fantasy Grandma is your grandma, bringing original music and comedy to grandkids who never have time to visit. (Hollywood Improv, NY Comedy Festival, NY Sketch Comedy Festival) Fantasy Grandma loves you more than your friends. Do you need any money?

Grab your tickets here!

MARDI 10 MAI || 8 PM || TSC

MTL Sketchfest Soirée Franco avec Les Gremains, La Haute Culture, & Les Kens

Montréal Sketchfest vous invite à pleurer… de rire! On vous a préparés une belle soirée avec notre belle gang de troupes francos montréalais.

Les Ken’s | Montréal

Les Ken’s sont une joyeuse gang de comédiens venant de divers horizons : théâtre, humour, impro, musique, danse… Un feu d’artifice de créativité! Une boîte de Legos mais qui ne font pas mal aux pieds quand on marche dessus! Voici les Ken’s!

Les Gremains | Montréal

Duo de sketch à partir d’anecdotes de deux petits vieux.

La Haute Culture | Montréal

La Haute Culture est un groupe de comédiens qui s’est établi sur la scène montréalaise en Mai 2022, lors du fameux “Sketchfest”. Diplômés de l’université Concordia, Cyndy et Théodore sont tous deux acteurs, chanteurs et improvisateurs bilingues.

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest w/ Rails Comedy, Unstoppable Failure, Xavier Tolentino, & Smooth Comedy

Come on out to enjoy a perfect Wednesday night showcasing a hilarious melange of some of our favourite humans and a handful of festival newcomers!

Rails Comedy | Washington DC

Rails Comedy is a comedy troupe based out of Washington, D.C. Born out of the success of the University of Maryland’s Maryland Night Live, Rails Comedy seeks to entertain audiences through satire, music, and theatre. Follow them at @railscomedy!

Unstoppable Failure | Greensboro, North Carolina

Comprised of the Brothers Schraeder (A.J. and AL) Unstoppable Failure is a two-man sketch show that takes a healthy dose of absurdity and slams it against sharp satirical writing. They have been official selections at SF Sketchfest, NYC Sketch Festival, Philly Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest and The North Carolina Comedy Festival. Its members have had worked featured on and LaughExchange and have sold commercial concepts to major brands such as Doritos and Nescafe.

Xavier Tolentino | Montreal

Former member of Smart Alec Baldwins who performed at 2017 MTL Sketchfest, he is back and is down to act out some solo stuff for y’all!

Smooth Comedy | Hamilton

Smooth Comedy is sub genre of a sub genre of funky funky comedy.

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest w/ Vest of Friends, Emery Fine, & Yes, Chef!

Just another night of hilarity with a trio of incomparable acts that are sure to tickle your fancies!

Vest of Friends | Toronto

Vest of Friends is made up of the vest-clad Marc Hallworth and Morgan George. They have appeared on ShawTV as part of “The Late Night With Matty D”, and are the winners of the Best-of-the-Fest Award at both the Toronto and Montreal SketchFests. They won the Producer’s Pick Award at the Columbus Brew-ha-ha, and were the winners of the Sketched To Death Tournament. Their podcast The Vest of Friends Podcast was twice nominated for the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Audio Series, and all 100 episodes can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and as part of They have performed as part of JFL42, 420Fest, Fresh Meat, were finalists in the Sketch ComAggedon, were a nominee for the NOW Magazine Award for Best Sketch Troupe, and were named one of’s “10 Canadian Sketch Troupes You Need To See Right Now.”

Emery Fine | Montreal

Emery Fine, author of “The Hunter’s Feast,” “ComplexWorld: The Planet One Million Times bigger than Earth,” “SimCity Babies: Children of Computer,” “Journey through ComplexWorld: A SimCity Babies Tale,” and “Funyons for the Fun Ones,” also does Sketches.

Yes, Chef! | NYC

Yes, Chef! is a former Upright Citizens Brigade house team from New York City that started cooking up comedy before the pandemic, and has only cranked up the heat since! With actors and writers whose work has been featured in Reductress, The New York Times, Time Out New York, College Humor, Fusion, and Vulture, this show will have you coming back for seconds!

Grab your tickets here !


MTL Sketchfest w/ Ska Band, Nightmare Slags, Cam Wyllie, & The Frog Facts of Life

Silliness and imagination abound with this collection of wonderful weirdos that Montreal Sketchfest has grouped together for your viewing pleasure!

Ska Band | Montreal

Four rancid Montrealer stand-up comedians uniting (again) to perform sketch comedy and it’s pretty good.

Nightmare Slags | Montreal

Nightmare Slags are two stanky beauties trying to maintain an upbeat attitude in the face of the unwavering stupidity of the masses. KISS KISS!

Cam Wyllie | Toronto

Cam Wyllie is Canada’s beloved Sketch Comedy Maniac, with 3 Canadian Comedy Award Nominations, Festival Appearances all over North America, and a bunch of Comedy Awards with made up sounding names. He’s coming in hot with a carefully curated selection of brave, tragic, and gleefully dumb characters who, like him, are just trying to do their best. Open your heart to the hilarious, often surreal, and always unpredictable world of Cam Wyllie.

The Frog Facts of Life | Montreal

The Frog Facts of Life celebrates character sketch comedy riddled with frog facts. What happens when one is cursed to be the costume they wear at a Jewish Costume party on Purim? What if that costume is a frog? Alo Azimov uses witty asides and storytelling to answer those questions and to be a frog for a few minutes, until they can lift the curse!

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest w/ Tita Collective, Ajahnis Charley, & Madame

Gorgeous show, gorgeous people, gorgeous comedy! Do not miss this glorious trio of perfection in human/show form!! And not a single white person!!!!!!

Tita Collective | Toronto

Tita Collective is an all-Filipina collective composed of award-winning playwrights, comedians, musicians, dancers, theatre makers and actors. They explore different mediums to tell the stories about the Filipinx diaspora. Through theatre, comedy, music, and movement, they aspire to tell stories that: thoughtfully honour and celebrate their roots and history, explore our identities as Filipinas, represent the narratives of the Philippine diaspora in an inclusive and respectful way, and nurtures and unites community through joy and laughter.

Ajahnis Charley | Toronto

Ajahnis Charley (he/they) is a Black, non-Binary comedy writer. Their stand-up was included in Season 2 of JFL’s New Wave of Standup. Their solo sketch show ‘THOTS AND PRAYERS’ won the Producers’ Pick Award at the 2020 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.

Madame | Montreal

Three witchy ladies have added their special touch to the cauldron of fun… Madame is Marilyn DT (the Fresh Paint), Marielle McCrum (Improv College’s SKAAATCH), and Sara Meleika (Inside Scoop). Born on Zoom, Montreal Sketchfest 2022 is their in real life debut. Get ready for a little sugar, spice and everything but the bagel seasoning in this comedic melding of minds!

Grab your tickets here!

FRIDAY MAY 13TH || 8 PM || Montreal Improv

MTL Sketchfest w/ Anders Yates, Joy Provision, & Naive Adventures

Tens, tens, tens across the board!! These performers promise an evening of jubilance so be sure to come and rejoice in their sketch offerings!

Anders Yates | Toronto

Anders Yates is a comedian, actor, writer, and improviser. He is a founding member of the legendary sketch and improv troupe Uncalled For as well as the comedy/dance troupe Dance Animal. Anders promises to spend his entire show being tall and gay.

Joy Provision | Toronto

Love makes the world go round. Like petrol and secrets. Joy Provision aka Rena Taylor and Ethan Resendes is gonna smack you upside the head with radical acceptance, all while caressing your funny bone with whispers of sweet nonsense.

Naive Adventures | Montreal

Member of the sketch team Hard Cake at Improv College, Melanie McCrae is taking it offline and bringing her solo set to the stage!

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest presents RIP The Sketch Republic: A Celebration of Life

After 5 years of fake moustaches, cardboard costumes, novelty cheques and bad wigs, The Sketch Republic, Montreal’s longest-running (we think?) sketch comedy monthly is finally going to kick the bucket 😦

Since September 2015 they’ve produced over 50 shows including special events at OFF-JFL, Fringe Montreal and of course Montreal Sketchfest, as well as 3 virtual pandemic editions in early 2020. They’ve seen gorgeous sketch from Montreal’s finest, superstar comedians from Toronto, Vancouver and New York and lots of people that are actually very famous now!

Join us Friday May 13th for ONE LAST SHOW as we revisit some of our favorite sketches over the years:

Featuring cherished show alum:
Employees of the Year
Hot Raw Fire
Inside Scoop
Jon Blair
Amanda Xeller
++ many more!

RIP The Sketch Republic – Long Live Sketch Comedy!!

Grab your tickets here!

FRIDAY MAY 13TH || 10 PM – Montreal Improv

MTL Sketchfest w/ Tom Hearn, Side Salad, & Bob Sanderson’s Story time!

Chanté you all stay! Bring your sweet behinds and your beautiful minds to this fabulous show to bask in the glory that is sketch comedy.

Tom Hearn | Toronto

Tom Hearn is a multiple award winning sketch comedian & director. He is a cast member of the Second City National Touring Company. Tom has toured his 5 star reviewed solo show “SLANG” & “Gay Garbage” all over North America and has amassed 200k followers between TikTok and Instagram. Select credits: Montreal, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto Sketch Comedy festivals, JFL, JFL42, Halifax Fringe, A Sketch Comedy Extravaganza Eleganza, ‘Children Ruin Everything’ (CTV) and ‘Good Sam’ (CBS).

Side Salad | Montreal

Side Salad is a troupe born from improv at Theatre Sainte-Catherine with backgrounds in acting, play writing, sketches, musicals, and more. They hope to get some laughs and have some fun!

Bob Sanderson’s Story time! | Montreal

Bob Sanderson, infamous children’s author, teaches kids about life’s prickly truths. From ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ to ‘heaven is just a lie the pope made up so he could take all your money’, Bob is no stranger to tackling life’s harder lessons. Now he’s on tour, promoting his latest book. So join him, won’t you, for a night of storytelling.

Grab your tickets here!


MTL Sketchfest w/ Jon Blair, Marv N’ Berry, 100% Human People, & Craig Scorgie

This show packs a punch with some of the shiniest and hidden gems of Canadian sketch comedy, including Montreal Sketchfest’s reigning BEST OF THE FEST Jon Blair!!

Jon Blair | Toronto

Winner of Montreal Sketchfest 2019’s Best of the Fest award back in The Before Times, Jon Blair has spent 2 years honing his brand of absurd solo sketch comedy online, in his apartment, like a little goblin! Catch his return to the stage, and by extension human society!

Marv N’ Berry | Edmonton

Marv n’ Berry is a comedy group created in 2015 by 5 improvisers from Edmonton’s long-running Rapid Fire Theatre. Including hit live shows and acclaimed Fringe runs, Marv n’ Berry has written and performed for CBC Comedy and toured North America.

100% Human People | Montreal

Nguyen, Solly, & Shanthony are 100% human people. Like most humans they sell their time for 20-40 solar units a week in order to receive paper vouchers for human nourishment. When they are not trading their life force for solar units, they enjoy playing together on a platform at Theatre Sainte-Catherine, where they lie to groups of humans who exchanged paper vouchers to be entertained. Their style of comedy is satirical, outlandish, musical and of course human.

Craig Scorgie | Toronto

Craig is a sketch boy from Toronto known for being very dumb and high energy. On stage you see him dancing in circles, talking about ham and pouring sand on the audience… classic Craiggo right there! Directed by Kirsten Rasmussen.

Grab your tickets here !


MTL Sketchfest w/ Solid Bronze, Amanda Xeller, and Banzo & Blair: Gentlemen Extraordinaire

A line-up that is not to be missed – the cream of the crop of Toronto, Brooklyn, and Montreal! Do you want to see an unstoppable force of human comedy talent? Then come to this show!!

Solid Bronze | Montreal

Solid Bronze is Heidi Lynne Weeks and Sandi Armstrong right now who are known around town as a fun time waiting to happen. After a long hiatus, Solid Bronze is back with their trademark 3rd place comedy and bronze medal Mom jokes. YOU WANNA LAUGH?! YA! YOU WANNA CRY?! UM…MAYBE! YOU WANNA PEE YOUR PANTS?! WELL TOO BAD, WE ALREADY DID! This. Is. Happening.

Amanda Xeller | NYC

Amanda Xeller is a visceral, raw, weird, sick, super silly, dumdumdumdumdum, physical comedian residing in Brooklyn, NY. She performs predominantly solo and ensemble sketch in NYC. Her solo work has been featured across the US and Canada. She’s been in 3 comedy competitions and won all of them baby! She’s been in some sweet music videos, headlined a bunch of festivals, and was in the short film All Aboard The Gravy Train, which premiered in Cannes. She produces a ton of writing and collaboration projects for the Magnet and teaches there too. She’s excited to emerge from the pandemic and perform back in one of her favorite cities, MONTREAL!

Banzo & Blair: Gentlemen Extraordinaire | Toronto

Two extraordinary gentleman present an evening of sketch comedy.

Grab your tickets here !



Closing out the fest in true Montreal Sketchfest tradition will be a BEST OF, showcasing our picks of the litter of the year! 10 of the festival’s top troupes perform one sketch each in this rapid fire explosion of sketch comedy. The Best of the Fest show sells out every year, so you should probably just go ahead and buy a ticket right now.

Grab your tickets here !


MTL Sketchfest presents: TITA JOKES w/ Fly Lady Di

The Tita Collective are bringing their award-winning sketch comedy show to Montreal this spring, as part of Montreal Sketchfest! They are joined by the one and only Fly Lady Di!

“…an exquisite, hilarious, multi-layered spectacle.” 

-Mooney on Theatre

Tita Jokes is a musical comedy revue that centre the Philippine people in our lives, specifically the female elders we lovingly call Tita. A love letter to our community, the show explores our struggles, heartache, and how we cope through humour, storytelling and song.

Tita Collective is an all-Filipina collective composed of award-winning playwrights, comedians, musicians, dancers, theatre makers and actors. They explore different media to tell the stories about the Philippine diaspora.

Grab your tickets here !

We would like to thank all of our lovely sponsors for their support! Merci à tous nos commanditaires pour votre support!

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