💀Festival Passes for our 2018 fest are here! 10 days of sketch for only $60 – THAT’S UNHEARD OF! There’s a limited number of these puppies so don’t delay 💀

Single Show tickets $12!!!!! –  Double Show pass (2 shows in one night) $20 – Available at the door only!

🔥Saturday May 12, 8PM 🔥 @ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
HOST Amanda McQueen
With: HOT RAW FIRE (Montreal), Mark & Andy & Dave (Toronto), The Two Draculas (Toronto) & Definition of Knowledge (Toronto) 

🦕Party Dinosaur 🦖 Saturday May 12th, 8PM @ Montreal Improv Theatre
Created by Amanda McQueen in 2016 and handed over to Jason Grimmer a few months later, Party Dino has evolved into a premier laff riot, revolving cast sketch show. Named by the readers of Cult Mtl as one of Montreal’s top comedy nights, the show joins forces with the geniuses at Montreal Sketchfest for the 2018 festival and includes a mix of show veterans and deadly comedic talents from Toronto and America’s Toronto: NYC. Come see a succession of hilarious, sketches written and created in a week and then played out on the stage at Montreal Improv for you to enjoy the hell out of. Bring an old friend, leave with a new friend! Saturday, May 12th 8pm!🦖
Andy Assaf (MTL) Alex Brown (MTL) Jon Blair (TO) Tim Blair (TO) Erica Gellert (TO)Danielle Grace (NYC) Jason Grimmer (MTL) David Kaufman (MTL) Eliza Kingsbury (NYC) Dimitri Kyres (MTL) Kate Lindner (MTL)


🏅Samedi le 12 mai, 22h30PM 🏅 @ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
A rapid fire show featuring 10 of the festival’s raddest troupes doing 7 minutes each!
Hosts: Alain Mercieca & Mark Louch

Smat! (Seattle)

Doggybag (Montreal)

Jon Blair (Toronto)

Employees of the Year (Montreal)

Gillian Bartolucci (Toronto)

Solid Bronze (Montreal)

Tallboyz II Men (Toronto)

Emma Overton’s Nasty Boys (Montreal)

Marshall Lorenzo (Toronto)



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