Sketchfest 2016 Artists


Our 2016 Lineup in here! Over 60 troupes from all across the continent coming together for 10 days of laughter on sketch comedy island in tropical Montreal! 


2 Humans (Toronto) Allana Reoch (Toronto), Beans on Toast (Montreal), Beggar’s Canyon (Toronto), Big Mall (Montreal), Boubi-Trappe (Toronto), Bridge & Tunnel (New York), Cash Grab (Toronto), Chocolate Feelings (Montreal),  Clench! (Montreal), Cousins (Montreal), Dame Judy Dench (Toronto), Dink Floyd (Montreal),  Doggybag (Montréal), Dominant Wolf (Toronto), Downtime (Montreal), Downward Streams (Montreal),  Employees of the Year (Montreal), Flo & Joan (Toronto), Forever Dog (New York),  Get Off The Stage (Montreal), GET SOME (Toronto), GROSS! (Montreal), Guy Beaujolais (Montreal), HOT RAW FIRE (Montreal), H.U.N.K.S. (Winnipeg), Jessica Fitzpatrick (Toronto), Knock Knock (Montreal), Katie Leggitt (Toronto), Ladies & Gentlemen (Montreal), Laugter (Montréal), Les Bunheads (Montréal), Les Chiens (Montréal), Les Épatantes Aventures Radio-Romanesques (Montréal), Les Lundis (Montréal), L’il RasGALS (Toronto), Match Made in Hell (Montréal), Manu & Max (Montréal),  Margarita Wilson (New York), MARV (Montreal), Marty Topps (Toronto),  Math, Science and the Humanities (New York), Mozart et Fils (Montreal), NED & (Toronto), Northwest Passage (Toronto), O DAT DUM (Toronto), Okey-Dokey (Montreal), Palcoholics (Toronto), Panacea! (Toronto), Parker & Seville (Toronto), Peckish Artists Productions (Montreal), Peggylouloulouloulou (New York), Pickle Party (Montreal), Soul Decision (Toronto), Tall Sigh (Toronto), The Annoyance: Holy Fuck Comedy Hour (New York), The D.A. (New York), That’s So Whatever (Toronto), The Don’t We Boys! (Michigan & North Carolina), The Dreamstalks (New York), The Flat Earth (Philadelphia), The Flirty Boys (Toronto), The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (Philadelphia), The Priesty Boyz/Late Night Snack (New York), The Ryan & Amy Show (Vancouver), The Weaker Vessels (Toronto), Vest of Friends (Toronto)



Click here for the complete list of past performers!