Legend says the Wendigo was born & bred at NYC’s Magnet Theater, where it waits in the shadows to scare with it’s smart writing and surprising heart. A team of veteran sketch performers and writers, Wendigo presents their very best sketches of 2014. Directed by Kevin Cobbs.
Official Selection 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

Official Selection 2015 San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival

WENDIGO breaks away from Magnet Sketch Sundays to bring you a night of some of their best sketches before they hit the road. Thumbin’ rides, stealin’ pies and depending on the kindness of strangers.

Directed by Kevin Cobbs.

Members of Wendigo have worked with: Broad City, UCB Comedy, MTV, VH1, A&E, PBS, NPR, TruTV, College Humor, Marvel Comics, The Onion News Network, LandlineTV, Sesame Street, Above Average, Story Pirates, and have performed at improv and comedy festivals throughout North America.

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