The Wire Mothers


The Wire Mothers is a musical sketch comedy duo featuring Briana Kelly and Madonna Marie Refugia. Birthed from the loins of Philly’s all-female sketch comedy group ManiPedi, The Wire Mothers will make you ugly-laugh and pretty-cry with their renditions of music from the lesser-known, gritty underground world of off-off-off Broadway.

Diane Nowandlater (Madonna Refugia) and Carol Buttermench (Briana Kelly) have been planning the memorial concert of off, off, off Broadway composer Mel Buttermench for over a decade. Unfortunately, Mel’s continued existence made it impossible to perform…UNTIL NOW! Mel Buttermench is dead and Diane and Carol invite you to watch as they sing Mel’s hits and reflect on the life and struggle of a man who, while not famous in life, WILL be posthumously.