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Sawyer and Hurley are a Boston sketch duo featuring Dennis Hurley and Dave Sawyer. Experienced performers and comedians, they been performing thier two-man show since 2005. They were the headlining act at the 2012 Philly Sketchfest and have been featured at The NYC Sketch Comedy Festival and The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

Dennis Hurley is an actor and comedian and has appeared on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Dave Sawyer is an improviser and comedy actor and has performed at over 30 comedy festivals around the world.

Their sketch comedy is inspired by pop-culture and the awkwardness of everyday life. Sawyer and Hurley was the headlining act of the 2012 Philly SketchFest and has been featured at The NYC Sketch Festival, Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, The Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and ImprovBoston’s Best of Boston Sketch.

In addition to their sketch shows, they also perform an original concept show called, “The Complete Works of Batman (Abridged)” in which they comically reenact scenes from every Batman TV show and movie ever made… in just 22 minutes. That show has been featured at ImprovBoston’s Geek Week Festival and at Boston Comic Con.

★  Headlining Act, Philly Sketchfest
★  Featured Act, New York City Sketch Comedy Festival
★  Featured Act, Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival
★  Featured Act, ImprovBoston’s Best of Boston Sketch
★  Featured Act, Boston Comic Con
★  Featured Act, ImprovBoston’s Geek Week Comedy Festival
★  Winning Act, ImprovBoston’s Sketch Cagematch
★  Winning Act, The Tribe Theater’s World’s Best Variety Showdown

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