Knock Knock


Knock Knock. Who’s there? Good question. Armed with word play and weird ideas and fueled by wine and hummus, this Montreal quartet is composed of local stand-up comics, improvisors, and story-tellers. Most of them are probably taller than most of you.

KNOCK KNOCK, formerly known as The Procrastiwinners, came out of the gate frantically flailing, only to win Audience Choice at their very first show, Voix de Ville at the Wiggle Room in Montreal, in the fall of 2014.

Since then, its four team members have seen nothing but success, in that they finally got around to changing the name of their troupe.

Knock Knock is:

CHRIS TYLER, who does improv with one of Montreal Improv’s house teams. Chris enjoys dancing, fighting and philosophy.

DOMINIQUE BLAIN, who is just, like, trying things out, man. Improv, sketch, writing, singing, movement, Photoshopping. But mostly eating.

JASON HATRICK, a Montreal-based comedian who was selected as one of the Young Guns of Comedy by the Comedy Nest, and who has been featured in Zoofest. He continues to entertain delusions that he’ll be rich and famous one day.

(Editor’s note: The rest of the team will happily ride on his coat tails.)

And MARIANA VIAL, whose joyous and numerous years of improv experience have not prepared her for memorizing lines.

Festival troupe 2015 & 2016