High Dramma



High Dramma seeks to combine traditional sketch comedy with elements of musical, dance, pantomime, all intertwined with live music provided by a mad banjo player into a whirlwind of high-minded vulgarity and low-brow sophistication.

High Dramma is a 100% independent sketch comedy troupe that has been active in Philadelphia for almost 7 years now. They have put on well over 150 performances of over 30 different shows and have an active video sketch library as well.

In addition to co-producing Philly Sketchfest for the last 2 years, High Dramma has also added stops at New York City Sketchfest, Montreal Sketchfest and Charm City Comedy Fest as notches on the ol’ sketch comedy bedpost. High Dramma was also won the coveted “Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia” competition in 2012 with their entry, “Parasitic Twin”.

Actors/Writers Sarah Braun, D.C. Fisher, Curt Riedy and Jackie Wolfson are the primary members of the group, with over 1 dozen other performers appearing when schedules permit. Between-sketch banjo music and entertainment is provided by Pete Heleva.