Grumpy Old Men


Mordi and Saul are two grumpy old men. There is nothing those two won’t complain about. Don’t get them started!

Grumpy Old Men are Jeff Gandell (The Balding, le Cagibi’s Yarn storytelling event) and Joshua Budman (The High Note Web Series, Jewbacca).

In 2014, Joshua Budman and Jeff Gandell joined forces to enter the 2014 Threepio competition at Montreal Improv. Thus, Grumpy Old Men was born.

What started as improv evolved into two of the grumpiest old men this side of the hemisphere. Mordi with his bifocals and pocket protector, and Saul with his hat and trusty pipe, will find anything to complain about.

From the weather, to the situation in Israel, to Justin Beiber (what the hell is up with that kid?). Once you get them started, there’s no stopping them.

They’ve been to Hollywood and back, and now they’re COMING TO SKETCHFEST!