Downward Streams


Donward Streams includes but is not limited to: Susan Callender, Marlon Campellone, Nick Farah, Sarah Iorio, Paras Khare, Morgandy McKinnell, Darren Sugar Schilling, Tyler Sherrington, Olivia Siino, and Sean Stepan.

Downward Streams have performed in various venues, such as public bathrooms, private bathrooms, semi-private-public bathrooms and other places that hold toilettes. The group would like to thank everybody who has ever politely refrained from talking shit about their poor artist lifestyle such as Jesus, fluffy (our cat), the homeless men who told Tyler to follow his dreams, Jim, big Jim, bigger Jim, even bigger Jim, Jim Croce, Jimmy Neutron, Uncle Jimbo, Jim Morris, Jim Henson, Marlons actual uncle Jimmy and the Gym that we work out at.

Festival Troupe 2016