Divorced Siblings


Divorced Siblings is a troupe born out of Emerson College’s sketch group Chocolate Cake City in late 2013, and has developed into one of the leading absurd sketch groups in Boston after the shackles of school were removed. Consisting of Jake Ferretti, Jamie Loftus, and a rotating cast of between one and four others, Divorced Siblings does a monthly sketch show at ImprovBoston in SketchHaus, a show Ferretti produces. They’ve performed all around Boston and have also worked on independent shows like “The Procrastinator’s Guide to Sketch” and fourth of July revue “Comedy America” . Most recently, they have written, directed, and appeared in an ImprovBoston Mainstage show called “Death Wish”, a fully scripted choose your own adventure show in which the audience chooses which cast member dies next, running in April and May 2014. Ther shows normally compose of a mixture of stage and video sketch, as well as animations.

With Chocolate Cake City, Ferretti and Loftus have performed in NYC Sketchfest, the Brown University Comedy Conference, St. Lawrence University, the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and Skidmore College. Loftus is also a prolific standup that has performed in the Boston Comedy Festival and Laughind Devil Festval. They love being weird and neither of them have gum disease.

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