Past Performers

The list of performers for 2018 will be revealed at the end of March,  but for now have a look at this festival’s glorious past.


From Montreal:

Backstreet’s BackBeans on Toast, Big Mall , Blood & Thunder Box of Bees, Dink Floyd ,DoggybagEmployees of the Year, Erreur 404 , Évelyne Laniel Goddamn BearGreat ToeGROSS!, HOT RAW FIRE Just AskingLadies & Gentlemen, Les FemmelettesLes SketchTapesMa Tante JeannineMarine et MarieMichael Becker LIVEMothreal, Okie-DokiePickle Party, Sketch MachinaSmart Alec Baldwins. The Firing SquadTracy + Alison [Friends], White Running Back

From Toronto:

A Shoddy MagicianAnesti Danelis, Ape Island, Boys Club!Chris MiddletonDame Judy DenchDefinition Of KnowledgeElephant Empire Flo & JoanFusionJon Blair, Kirsten Rasmussen : Full Time Idiot ,  L’il RasGALS, Marty ToppsMoniquea Marion , O Dat DumO.C., Palcoholics, Rapp BattlezSketchy As Fuck, Soul Decision, Tall Sigh, Tallboyz II Men, The Flirty BoysThe Junkyard DukesThe Templeton PhilharmonicThe Two DraculasTom & EricaTwoSonVest of Friends

From New York:

Big Britches, Bridge & Tunnel, Carson Daly’s Last RequestClip Show, Kill It Scott!,  Stockton,  The Executives,  Too Blondes,  Ugly x Crying

From Philly: 


From Montreal: 

Beans on ToastBig Mall, Chocolate Feelings , Clench!Cousins Dink Floyd , DoggybagDowntimeDownward Streams, Employees of the Year,  Get Off The StageGROSS!, Guy Beaujolais, HOT RAW FIRE, Knock KnockLadies & Gentlemen, Laugter, Les Bunheads, Les Chiens, Les Épatantes Aventures Radio-RomanesquesLes LundisMatch Made in HellManu & Max,  MARV,  Mozart et FilsOkie-DokiePeckish Artists Productions,  Pickle Party

From Toronto:

2 HumansAllana ReochBeggar’s CanyonBoubi-TrappeCash GrabDame Judy DenchFlo & JoanGET SOMEJessica FitzpatrickKatie LeggittL’il RasGALSMarty Topps,  NED &Northwest PassageO DAT DUMPalcoholicsPanacea!Parker & SevilleSoul DecisionTall SighThat’s So WhateverThe Flirty Boys, The Weaker VesselsVest of Friends

From New York:

Bridge & TunnelForever Dog Margarita Wilson Math, Science and the HumanitiesPeggylouloulouloulouThe Annoyance: Holy Fuck Comedy HourThe D.A.,  The DreamstalksThe Priesty Boyz/Late Night Snack

From Elsewhere: 

H.U.N.K.S. (Winnipeg), The Don’t We Boys! (Michigan & North Carolina), The Flat Earth (Philadelphia), The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (Philadelphia), The Ryan & Amy Show (Vancouver)


From Montreal: A.K.A. Flora Lynn, Beans on Toast, Ça Suffit la Comedie, Champagne May West, Dink Floyd, Employees of the Year, Gary., Genius Gold, Get Off The Stage, Grumpy Old Men, Hamhock Velvet, HOT RAW FIRE, Knock Knock, Ladies & Gentlemen, Le deuxième choix du Président, Les Lundis, Les Bunheads, Les Pic-Bois, Mozart et Fils, Prudence Divine, Sanderjohnson, Swaghetti Yolonaise, Swamp Mouth, Tall Tall Lady, The Priesty Boyz, The Significnts, Tropic of Capricorn, Uncalled For, We Just Make this Stuff Up

From Toronto: 2 Humans, 3rd Klass, A Shoddy Magician, Barbara, Cash Grab, Ding Dong, Falcon Powder, Freddie & Jess, Jessica Fitzpatrick, Junkyard Dukes, Ladystache, Lil’ RasGALS, Marty Topps, O DAT DUM, Palcoholics, Panacea!, Parker & Seville, Tall Sigh, That’s So Whatever, The Bixtons, The Rocket Scientists, The Weaker Vessels, Vest of Friends

From New York: Action Park, Baby Shoes, Bridge & Tunnel, Dead Dads Club, Math, Science, and the Humanities, Peggylouloulouloulou, Stockton, The Wire Mothers, Wendigo

Frome elsewhere: High Dramma (Philadelphia), It Doesn’t Have to Be this Way (Los Angeles), Peter N’ Chris (Vancouver), Sawyer & Hurley (Boston)

Prize Winners:

Giant Piece of Bark Award (Best of the Fest): Vest of Friends

Just for Laughs Award: Peter N’ Chris

Best Local Troupe Award: HOT RAW FIRE

Zoofest Award: Marty Topps

Bag o’ Beer Award (Best Newcomer): Jessica Fitzpatrick & Falcon Powder

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ladystache


From Montreal: Chocolate Feelings, Flapjack Cadillac, Genius Gold, Get off the Stage, Ghost Town Comedy, Honest Effort, Jewbacca, Ladies & Gentlemen, Les Lundis, Les Productions GROTOF & TIJO, Mackin’ Hard, Philosofish, The Republic of Nachos, We Just Make this Stuff Up

From Toronto: Beggar’s Canyon, Birch Street Crooners, Cash Grab, Elephant Empire, Fratwurst, Ladystache, Marty Topps, Ned Petrie, Palcoholics, The Reception, The Rocket Scientists, Rulers of the Universe, The Sketchersons, Tall Sigh, That’s so Whatever, Touch My Stereotype, Vest of Friends

From Elsewhere: Baby Shoes (New York), Bridge & Tunnel (New York), Divorced Siblings (Boston), FUCT (New York), Listen, Kid! (New York), Les Partenaires (Ville de Québec), McStevie (New York), Party. (New York), Sawyer & Hurley (Boston)

Prize Winners:

Giant Piece of Bark Award (Best of the Fest): Elephant Empire

Just for Laughs Award: Ladystache

Bloody Underrated’s Best Local Troupe Award: Ladies & Gentlemen

Zoofest Award: Genius Gold

Bag o’ Beer Award (Best Newcomer): Marty Topps & Bridge and Tunnel

Honourable Mention to Vest of Friends in the Best of the Fest category


From Montreal: 52 Pick Up, Adam Susser, Bring Your Own Juice, Genius Gold, Get Off The Stage, Jewbacca, Les Sketchois, Ma Mère S’Appelle Suzanne, Misguided Empathy, Moving Mind Studio, Power Struggle, Skittish, Twinkie Twins, Thunder Tickle, Uncalled For

From Toronto: British Teeth, Cash Grab, Elephant Empire, Fratwurst, Jape, Lady Business, Ladystache, Ned and Dave, Palcoholics, Rulers of the Universe, Shoeless, Short Form Richards, The Reception, Vest of Friends.

From elsewhere: High Dramma (Philadelphia), Onassis (New York).

Prize Winners: 

Giant Piece of Bark Award (Best of the Fest): Jape

Bag o’ Beer Award (Best Newcomer): Onassis

Grinders Award: Vest of Friends


Local: Act of Rod, Brent and Co, Bro, Chuckin’ Guffs, Flipside, Genius Gold, Juxta-Coincidence, On the Spot

Torontonian: 3rd Klass, Elephant Empire, Jape, Ladystache, Pink Slip, Primo, The Regulars, Rulers of the Universe, Shoeless, Short Form Richards, Sketchersons, Touch my Stereotype, Vest of Friends

Other: Atomic Age (New York), Biddy O’Loughlin (Australia), Comic Thread (Chicago), El Jaguar (Calgary), Pirate Sugar (New York), Studious Poets (Halifax/Saskatchewan)

Prize Winners:

Giant Piece of Bark Award: Elephant Empire

Bag o’ Beer Award: Jape

Grinders “Broken Table” Award: Daryn Mcintyre of The Sketchersons


Montrealers: The Flipside, Les Guerriers de Montréal, Jake Freekin’ Smith + Conor O’Neil, Match Made in Hell, Pénélope Desjardins, Wyld Stallyns

Torontonians: Elephant Empire, Grade Eight Dance, Ladystache, Lusty Mannequins, Shoeless, Statutory Jape, Touch my Stereotype, Trio of One, Vest of Friends

Otherplacers: Chris and Paul (New York), City Hall (New York), Skit Skit (Saskatoon)

Prize Winners:

Best of the Fest: Elephant Empire

Bag o’ Beer: Ladystache


Montrealers: The Beast, Fries and Coffee, Gang de Ginette, Henri et Claudette, I Am Your Mother, Kick the Pricks, Lise Vigneault and Associates, Love and Dreams, Les Pic-Bois, Les Poilues, Power Force, Sugar Rock St-Pierre, Uncalled For.

Torontonians: Elephant Empire, Grade Eight Dance, Ladystache, Lusty Mannequins, The Majors, Skye Reagan, Stag Nation, Statutory Jape, Trio of One.

Various: Alain Gainsbourg (Paris, FR), City Hall (New York), The Sixth Borough (Philadelphia), Slow Children Crossing (New York/LA), Unrelated (Chicago), The Yukon Boys (Yukon).

Prize Winners:

Giant Piece of Bark Award: Elephant Empire


Montrealers: Adam Susser, The Beast, Boo Ya! Pictures, En 3D, Kick the Pricks, Les Pic-Bois, Laughbag, Power Force, Powerfully Awesome, Rodney Ramsey, Terence Bowman, Through Line, Uncalled For

Out-of-towners: 3rd Klass (Toronto), Bleak! Comedy (New York), Bronx Cheer (Vancouver), Chocolate Cake City (New York), City Hall (New York), Delusions of Spandex (New York), Fernwood Flashers (New York), FUCT (New York), Fun100 (Toronto), Ladystache (Toronto), Man Hussy (Vancouver),  OMFG (New York), PennyBear (Chicago), Press Release Repeat (Toronto), Roberts and Moorhead (Toronto), The Skinny (Vancouver), Slow Children Crossing (L.A.), Too Many Kites (Chicago).

Prize Winners:

Giant Piece of Bark Award: Kick the Pricks


Montrealers: Adam Susser, Bad Publicity, Best Friends Club, Boo Ya Pictures, Jon Lajoie, Laughbag, Terence Bowman, Uncalled For, Vanguard Productions

Torontonians: 7 Minutes in Heaven, Accidental Company, The Boom, Cheap Smokes, DDP, Frenzy, Morbio, Press Release Repeat

Everywhere Elsers: Bleak! Comedy (New York), Soft and Manly (Calgary)


An Angel Crieth, Dan-D-Lyons, The Dancing Cock Brothers, Frenzy, Girly, Laughbag, Late Night Giggin’, Mike Paterson, Morbio, Powerfully Awesome, Precious Roy, Somethingorothers, Terence Bowman, Tiny Tuna, Uncalled For, Yancy Bazorian’s All-Stars.


The Bionic Yahoos, The Broad Squad, The Dancing Cock Brothers, Dan Beirne’s Happy Times Show, The Distractions, Divorce Survival Strategy, Les Goubéens, Knock Knock (Who’s There?) Comedy, MANboy, Morbio, Never Surrender, Sketch Ya Hands Up, Terence Bowman, Uncalled For, Zebro.

That’s all, folks!