Marv n’ Berry (Edmonton)

Art Machine – Tuesday May 8th, 8PM

Theatre Sainte-Catherine 264 rue Sainte-Catherine Est


Marv n’ Berry is an Edmontonian sketch comedy posse consisting of Mike Robertson, Chris Borger, Sam Stralak, Quinn Contini, and Nikki Hulowski. All members are also improvisors in Edmonton Alberta’s Rapid Fire Theatre ensemble. In the last year, Marv n’ Berry has been traveling throughout North America doing sketch, performing in New Orleans, Baltimore, Sacramento, Edmonton, Red Deer, Iowa City, Phoenix and Dallas, with more to come. Additionally, Marv n’ Berry had a critically-acclaimed four-star sold-out run at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in 2016 with their show “Marv n’ Berry presents: Is Everyone Ignoring Me or Am I Just a Ghost?” and did it again in 2017 with a new show called “Imagination”.

From high concept to low brow, Marv n’ Berry performs with no boundaries, dippin’ their fingers in all the comedy pies. Their shows feature sturdy sketch premises that contain some silly improvised riffing, as well as some absurd character work and some fourth-wall breaking audience interaction sketches. Their show is generally minimalist, with barely any props or video cues; just lights, sound effects, chairs, and jokes.

Festival Troupe 2018