Michael Becker LIVE

Michael Becker is one of Europe’s hottest pop acts. With the help of his brother, Tomas, Becker has penned nine top 10 singles on Billboard’s Euro Pop Charts. Famously scared of flight, this will only be Becker’s third appearance in North America for which he intends to mount his first non-European career retrospective tour “The Means To Dance”. He intends to preview this tour at Theatre Sainte-Catherine. Michael Becker will be joined on stage by his DJ/brother Tomas Becker and the legendary Canadian dance troupe, The Hard-Times Dancers. The performance with feature guest appearances from Kelly Kay, JC Loco, Travis C and many, many, many more. Becker only writes songs about love and dance – if you’re in the mood for anything else, GET OUT.

“If The Music Is My Heart And The Rhythm Is My Soul And The Audience Is My Obsession, Then What Is The Beat? The Beat Is Michael Becker’s Addiction!”

– Michael Becker


Festival musical guest 2017