Jon and Ian Have Something to Tell You

Jon and Ian Have Something to Tell You are two strong and capable boys from Philadelphia, PA. They do shows, they make videos, and they bleed red- just like you. Jon and Ian have performed at Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Black Friday Comedy Marathon, Five Dollar Comedy Week, and Philly Sketchfest.

Festival Troupe 2017

“Their wildly different personalities (Jon’s sanguine little brother & Ian’s sarcastic curmudgeon) but identical sensibilities make them a perfect, complementary pair. They attack absurd premises with breakneck speed, often speaking at the same time or finishing each other’s sentences, only breaking tempo for quick asides. It’s a style that requires good timing and rehearsal. It’s clear the duo puts in the work.” 

– Matthew Schmid (The Flat Earth, The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie)