HOT RAW FIRE is Montreal’s premiere bunch of buds who just love rippin’ up some sketch hard styles. Known for their use of “live” video on stage, dead video on stage, and PG-13 body horror mime-cycles, these five total hotties have written and performed WELL OVER 18 MINUTES AND 55 SECONDS OF PURE COMEDY.

Accolades include and are maybe limited to at the moment but probably not forever: Montreal Sketchfest Best Local Troupe 2015 & 2016.

Jacob Greco, Danny Belair, Lise Vigneault, Paul Naiman & Deirdre Trudeau.

Montreal Sketchfest 2015 & 2016, NYC Sketchfest 2015, Off-JFL 2016, Chicago Sketchfest 2017, Toronto Sketchfest 2017, Philly Sketchfest 2017… THE OSCARS 2019????

“we’re excited to see whatever that means”

– Grace Perry, TimeOut Chicago

“The sketches are clever, short and take your brain to a weird place.”

– Alannah Graham, my comedy report

“best i ever had”

Everyone’s Mom, The Universe Gazette