Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush is an all-female sketch group of BFFs-slash-writers-slash-performers from Philadelphia. Barbara Bush is comprised of Jolie Darrow, Julia Hudson, Courtney Painter, Nicole Zeits, and head writer Shawna Stoltzfoos, and is directed by Jacquie Baker of The Flat Earth (“Best Newcomer,” 2016 Montreal Sketchfest) and The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (The A.V. Club).

Barbara Bush‘s “The Body Show” is a trippy trip inside the female body. Their existential and playful anthropomorphic sketches are fleshed out with bodily backdrops and larger-than-life costumes, and are stitched together by cartoonish, throw-back anatomy videos. Since premiering “The Body Show” at Good Good Comedy Theatre in November 2016, the group has toured the show, taking it to the 2017 Toronto Sketchfest, the 2017 Women in Comedy Festival, and the Peoples Improv Theater (NYC). Barbara Bush previously performed at the Crossroads Comedy Festival and Philly Sketchfest, and members of Barbara Bush have performed at the Chicago Sketchfest, Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, and Charm City Comedy Festival.

Barbara Bush performs regularly at venues across Philadelphia and its members are on various sketch and improv house teams at the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT).

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