We’re really pumped about this year’s troupes! We received a record number of applications this year, and it was incredibly difficult, but we’ve got the best of the best here, ready to go and entertain the hell out of you in May. Here’s the lineup – click the artists tab above for more info on specific troupes!

Baby Shoes (New York, NY)
Beggar’s Canyon (Toronto)
Birch Street Crooners (Toronto)
Bridge and Tunnel (New York, NY)
Cabaret Fiasco (Montréal)
Cash Grab (Toronto)
Chocolate Feelings (Montréal)
Chris and Daniel (Montréal)
Divorced Siblings (Boston, MA)
Elephant Empire (Toronto)
Fender Bender (Torontreal)
Flapjack Cadillac (MontréAustralia)
Four Rent (Montréal)
Fratwurst (Toronto)
FUCT (New York, NY)
Genius Gold (Antarctica)
Get Off The Stage (Montréal)
Ghost Town (Montréal)
Honest Effort (Montréal)
Jewbacca (Montréal)
Ladystache (Toronto)
Listen, Kid! (New York, NY)
Les Lundis (Montréal)
Les Partenaires (Québec)
Les Productions GROTOF et TIJO (Montréal)
Mac N Hard (Montréal)
Marty Topps (Toronto)
McStevie (New York, NY)
Ned Petrie (Toronto)
Palcoholics (Toronto)
Party (New York, NY)
Philosofish (Montréal)
The Reception (Toronto)
The Rocket Scientists (Toronto)
Rulers of the Universe (Toronto)
Sawyer and Hurley (Boston, MA)
The Sketchersons (Toronto)
Tall Sigh (Toronto)
That’s So Whatever (Toronto)
Touch My Stereotype (Toronto)
Vest of Friends (Toronto)
We Just Make This Stuff Up (Montréal)
Working Title (Montréal)